Make-up Work/Homework: Guidelines & Responsibilities

From pages 19-20 of the Charlotte County Public Schools Code of Student Conduct

Definitions for the purposes of this document:
Make-up work: work, assignments, tests, etc., done in class that a student has missed due to absence.
Homework: work assigned for a student to complete outside of class time.
Long Term Assignment: assigned projects where the student is given seven (7) or more calendar days to complete.

While make-up work will be provided for all students as outlined below, no activities or assignments can replace the learning that occurs in the classroom when the student is present.

It is the responsibility of the student/parent to request all make-up work and homework from teachers. Two (2 days) for each day of absence shall be given to complete all work. Exams, tests, or quizzes shall be rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher. Long-term projects assigned prior to the absence shall be due on the date the student returns to class. Exceptions may be made with proper documentation.

At all grade levels students are permitted to:

1. Make-up work and homework for absences due to the first out-of-school suspension of the school year may be requested if the suspension is not a zero tolerance violation. Work will be made available for full credit upon request by the student/parent within twenty-four (24) hours of the suspension and will be subject to the normal make-up work policy. These privileges shall not exist for subsequent out-of-school suspensions except for exams (or equivalent).
2. Make up a semester exam (or equivalent) for full credit regardless of the type of absence or number of suspensions. The date for the make-up exam will be determined by the principal (or designee).
3. All state mandated testing will be made up according to the Florida Department of Education’s published state assessment testing windows and state testing rules.

Elementary and Middle School students will be permitted and encouraged to make up work, tests, and quizzes regardless of the status of the absence (excused/unexcused) and receive full credit.

At the high school level, students with excused absences will be permitted and encouraged to make up work, tests, and quizzes and will not receive an academic penalty unless the work is not made-up within the allowable time frame.
1. If a pattern of non-attendance develops, the principal or designee may require documentation to excuse an absence.
2. In the case of unexcused absences, a teacher may deduct up to 30% from the earned grade for work made up.

NOTE: It is understood that all syllabi distributed and/or communicated by instructional staff to students and parents, for the purposes of setting guidelines and responsibilities within the domain of make-up work policies and procedures, will comply with the Code of Student Conduct.

Dual Enrollment
Students participating in dual credit classes will follow standard make-up guidelines set forth by the college instructor.

Florida Statute 1003.24