Safety & Security

Charlotte High has two School Resource Officers and two security officers.

CHS Student ID Procedures

Once students are issued IDs in the fall, they are expected to wear their ID over their neck and it must be visible at all times. Students will be required to show their ID when entering the school building and when they enter and exit the school bus. Students who do not have their ID will be issued a temporary badge. Those who repeatedly do not bring their ID to school may face disciplinary action. If an ID is lost or needs repair, students should stop by the Dean's Office to get their ID or lanyard repaired or replaced. Students needing additional IDs, sleeves, or lanyards will pay $2 for an ID and $1 for a lanyard. Replacement sleeves are free.


Parents and visitors to the school must enter at the main entrance and show their photo ID.

Letter to Parents from Sheriff Bill Prummell

Sheriff Bill Prummell has issued this letter to parents regarding procedures for active threat situations and drills.

Safety at Athletic Events

The safety and well-being of our students, parents, staff and visitors will always be the top priority of Charlotte County Public Schools. In our effort to maintain a high level of protection, CCPS will be upgrading security at our sporting events. Students and visitors will no longer be able to bring certain items into sporting venues. Visit the SAFETY AT ATHLETIC EVENTS page on the CCPS website for information on prohibited items and increased security measures.

Joint Safety Message from Superintendent, School Board Chair, Sheriff and Police Chief

Our students' safety is our top priority. Please read the Joint Safety Message from Superintendent Dionisio, School Board Chair Vincent, Sheriff Prummell, and Police Chief Davis.